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ZenYOUTH is a Non-Profit community built to stop trauma imprinting in its wake. Our goal is to pin-point and reprogram the neuro-plasticity before it solidifies by focusing on females before the age of 21, and males before the age of 25.
We donate 50% of your program cost directly to ZenYOUTH.

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 44% of American teens report that they feel "persistently sad or hopeless"

CDC states, "further states that 1 in 5 teens have contemplated suicide"

68% of American parents have seen their children face significant mental and emotional challenges.

Pin-Pointing. Re-Programming. & Changing Lives

Mental Health has become a popular topic in today’s culture. As we are on the other side of the 2020 COVID pandemic, mental health is more evident in our society than ever before. In some states, we watched as children didn't return to the classroom for nearly two years.  These children were placed into isolation, forced to learn from a computer screen, and be supported by teachers who were trying to navigate a new way of teaching.  We are now faced with dealing with the damage to these children’s mental health and the ripple effect that has changed the entire trajectory of future generations.


When you purchase the SELF PACED program you are helping 



When you purchase the GROUP program you are helping 


When you purchase the ONE-on-ONE program you are helping 

“In a 2020 survey of 1,000 parents around the country facilitated by the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, 71% of parents said the pandemic had taken a toll on their child’s mental health, and 69% said the pandemic was the worst thing to happen to their child. A national survey of 3,300 high schoolers conducted in spring 2020 found close to a third of students felt unhappy and depressed much more than usual.”

“We know one-on-one therapy won’t be possible for every kid who’s struggling, so we need a multipronged approach to help build the capacity of teachers and staff to support kids in the classroom setting,” said Melissa Pearrow, PhD, a professor of counseling and school psychology at the University of Massachusetts Boston.”

“Resilience is built outside the classroom, too. Howell said psychologists and graduate students from her department at the University of Memphis are also working with local community centers to train leaders in emotional health principles. “We want to help provide mentors that can be present in kids’ lives beyond their parents, who are already dealing with a lot,” she said. “We have the expertise and scientific background, and they have expertise in working directly with families and systems, so how can we pair our expertise and learn from each other?”

"In times of uncertainty, the best thing we can do is invest in ourselves and  future generations!" 

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