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The Earth Dome is named as such for all the natural materials, such as the wood that we used to construct it, and designed with sacred geometry which allows it to be lightweight as well as resistant to harsh weather. It’s like getting a hug from Mother Earth when you stay here. The roof is made in a palapa style which is very common here in Mexico and the infrastructure was specially designed by Diego. You’ll sleep well nestled in a king-sized bed and the room accommodates up to 2 guests. 


1 King Bed


Price is all inclusive, including:

Airport transportation




*Please refer to Retreat page on website for all deatils*

Earth Dome (Sleeps 2)

  • There is no refunds, exchages or returns.

  • Cost for this  Dome for 2+ People is $2,447 EACH; this covers the individual's cost of ceremonies, transportation, food, and lodging