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The Hipster Dome is super spacious and very comfortable! It's made with the super adobe technique making it super fresh and it's an ecological bioconstruction. If you are looking to run away to the jungle this is the perfect place to hide! The roof of the dome is a palapa-style thatched roof that is very popular here in Mexico and was specially designed by Diego. The room is outfitted with 2 double-sized beds that accommodate up to 4 guests total, perfect for friends that like to travel together. You’ll find a sofa and chairs for lounging after a hard day of relaxing in the pool. Everything is made of natural materials making you feel right at home in the jungle. 


2 double beds



Price is all inclusive, including:

Airport transportation




*Please refer to Retreat page on website for all deatils*

Hipster (Sleeps 4)

  • There is no refunds, exchages or returns.

  • Cost for this  Dome for 2+ People is $2,031 EACH; this covers the individuals cost of ceremonies, transportation, food, and lodging