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4, 8, 12 weeks...

We guide you into a deeper understand of yourself, inner workings and give you the opportunity to develop a stronger relationship with plant medicine


We love to travel, and we also want to work with individuals from all over! The program is 100% online.

Structured/ Unstructured

Our online learning platform gives each individual the opportunity to explore a structured program that is designed to build on each week. We also understand that structure isn't for everyone!

Somatic Realignment

We deep dive into balancing yin/yang energy, and an essential part of our program is rewiring communication, and understanding HOW to communicate rational instead of emotional that comes from past experiences. 


Vacation, kids, work. We totally get it and support work, life, and family balance. Our program gives individuals 120 days to complete. 

Deeper understand of self

May indivuals don't know their purpose in this life time. We guide in uncovering your deepest potential, and aligning you with your purpose.

Transaction Analysis

Are you ready to improve your communication skills and reframe your mindset? Our Transactional Analysis service is designed to help you do just that. Through brain rewiring, we'll work with you to create new patterns of thinking and behaving that support your goals. Let's work together to improve your relationships, career, and overall quality of life.

Work With Us

Ready to take the oppurtunity to explore a deeper side of yourself.


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