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Microdosing 101

"Microdosing 101" is a beginner-level course designed to introduce participants to the concept of microdosing, primarily focusing on microdosing with psychedelics. The course aims to provide a comprehensive overview of what microdosing is, how it's done, potential benefits, risks, and considerations. The course is typically delivered through workshops, lectures, online platforms, or self-paced modules.

What's included:

  • Introduction to Microdosing

  • How Microdosing works; Pharmacological and Neurological

  • Benefits

  • How to get started!

  • Practical Implemention

  • Integration, Mindfulness, Community

Who is this class for?

Anyone who is looking to get started in microdosing. This class will give individual insight and understand of the world of microdosing.

How's this class delivered?

Online, you will have full access to this class for lifetime. The microdosing 101 community is INCLUDED with the purchase of this course.

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